Fast Netbook?

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You should never expect of a fast netbook since it is like a laptop which has limitations.  And one of its limitations is it cannot exceed the speed brought by laptops. Netbooks were originally made for portability purposes.  Since the emphasis is on the portability, the speed is not that a concern.  The fact that netbooks are cheap means that some of the features for it to be speedy are actually disregarded. However, due to the fact that there are certain innovations continually growing, there are no boundaries when it comes to the modification of netbook’s features.

HP, a reputable laptop brand has just announced that they have released a new netbook that is considered to be very fast.  Single core netbooks have been made available in the market which are said to have 20 percent faster than any other netbooks to date.  What is good about this fast netbook is the fact that it does have 10 up to 11 hours of battery.  This fast netbook has been introduced to the public together with the new 3D laptop.

A new Intel atom processor that dual core is model N550.  This claims as the reason behind the faster netbooks nowadays.  This processor has even made use by most manufacturers today.  During the first time the processor is made popular; manufacturers have incorporated these to their systems.  Processors make your browsing experience smooth.  By having this, you are sure to shift from one application to another smoothly.  This however does not make your gaming experience fast.

Due to the presence of most processors that may lead to a faster browsing experience, it is really that possible to have a netbook fast enough to catch up with the pace of the change and modifications in terms of computers.  While manufacturers continue to incorporate it with netbooks, then time will come that these netbooks will truly be fast.

If you have just the normal netbook without the new features, you can actually make the system faster with just the use of your technique.  All you have got to do is to get rid of the programs which require heavy CPU usage.  Some of the examples are video editing tools, photo editing tools and games which require huge graphics.  These can slow down your own system.  Sometimes what happens is that your system will just operate slowly and in some times your system will shut down suddenly to cope up with the problem.  If you do not install such programs, you will end up having a fast netbook.

You can never really set boundaries on the innovations ever made.  As time passes by, more and more inventions were made that are really of good quality and a style that is truly new mstand laptop holder.