5 Apps To Help You Use Internet Securely On iPhone

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Who don’t know about iPhone? These is the mobile devices which has revolutionized our ways of using the internet.

Nowadays internet usage on iPhones has become a common habit.

Our youngsters are especially attracted towards this act. But have you tried to know that using the internet on iPhones can create serious security threats for you? No? Then let me tell you that this is true.

Sometimes it happens that while you open your emails or surf the websites via iPhones result in spreading the virus or spam into your hand devices. Gather These viruses and spam can damage the iPhone software. But don’t worry you can download any of these apps to use the internet securely on iPhone.

  1. GadgetTrak:

This is one of my favorite apps. Its functionality is too convenient and fast that I find it to be reliable to locate my lost iPhone. This app allows the users to use the google maps and view their favorite websites without letting them care of the virus attacks.

2. Intego VirusBarrier:

This app ensures you to enjoy safe email attachments. Whenever you get an email from an unknown ID, you must be worried to either open it or not. But not to worry as this app would automatically run the scan to make sure that all your emails are spam free.

3. SplashID Safe:

This app is also useful for the iPhone users to enjoy the secure email attachments and account information. If you are the one who is habitual of signing into your bank account via iPhone, then this app can really help you keeping your sing-in information safe.

4. AgileBits’ 1Password Pro:

This app protects your registration codes and iPhone data from being lost. Using this app means you would enjoy the automatically running antivirus scanner which would act as a barrier for protecting your private information and software date.

5. LastPass:

This app is available online absolutely free. It means you would not have to pay anything to download and activate this app. This wonderful app is responsible to protect your Dropbox data and files. Sharing Dropbox has become a trend these days. It is one of the most convenient ways to keep your files protected and safe. But sometimes the files get corrupted due to the virus attacks. This app would make sure that all the viruses attacking your Dropbox are killed and thrown out of your iPhone system right away.

In addition to the above mentioned apps, there are a lot of other apps which can ensure your internet usage on iPhone protection and safety. But sometimes it happens that we neglect to use such apps and software.

Let me tell you that the cyber-criminals are now using different attractive ways to attack your systems and iPhone devices. Sometimes they email you some sort of fund transfer request or threatened files attached with the emails. All such types of information need to be get rid of immediately. Otherwise, you would not only end up losing your previous softwares and system information but also chances are there that you would have to pay some ransom to the criminals. So be aware while using the internet on iPhone and don’t forget to download any of the above mentioned app to enjoy a secured internet.