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By not using Social Media marketing to attract clients? If you want to have more clients, to have more visibility or be known on-line then you must have a social media marketing strategy. influencer marketing agency When you have a plan you’ll get the leverage you need, to be more successful.

Recently, I was speaking with Solo-practitioners and Small Business owners about why they need to convert their marketing over to Social Media. It’s your #1 advantage in generating exposure for your business. In order for you to get more business, to get more opportunities, to do JV’s, learn from people who want to help you get more attention, so you can share your expertise and get clients. I know that you want to be prosperous and successful. Right?

The Sedona Social Media Conference we’ll mentor and teach you why and how using Social Media Marketing works. We’ll reveal what the best tools are, how they all work together, topics like:

How to set-up and blog and become the authority in your niche Why Linkedin is your #1 networking tool How to use Twitter How to find local clients in your area How to Promote yourself, by getting more vizability To understand how everything works together for better results Plus much more… The conference is geared for Solo-Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Sales Pro’s and Biz-owners, you’ll find this Social Media Conference will make a difference, to you. ONLY, if you have the desire and inspiration to make 2010 an extraordinary year, join us!

Why wait for the last moment to secure a seat? Join us on January 14-15th, 2010. Register Now!

What are some of your objections in using Social Media for your business?

Do you wonder if you have time? Or do you feel that you have spent countless hours already and feel you have just wasted your time? Or maybe you don’t have a clue in how to get started, let alone create a social media strategic plan. I am here to share with you that, this social media conference along with all the presenters, have been where you are. We’ve just done it all and are willing to teach you how to use it, so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. It’s just that simple!

Don’t wait for Spring! Register Today! You’ll be glad that you did! Take the time to rejuvenate yourself and your business. You won’t regret it.

Watch our video about it, or read more about us in the Newsroom. Browse the site, read about the presenters..check us out. Ask yourself, “Are you getting all the business that you would like?” Are you avoiding Social Media Marketing because….

We look forward in meeting you and helping you to become more successful. Imagine being more prosperous.

Mari-Lyn Harris & Sheryl Curtis

P.S. We’ve reduced the fee to $295.00 P.S.S.January 14 – is the Tweet Up & January 15 & 16th will now be a 2 day on-line event, they’ll be full action packed days!

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