Is Ultrasurf Or HideMyAss Worth the Money?

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With all the stories you’ve been hearing about hackers gaining access to internet user’s sensitive data, it should be obvious that security is a major issue for web users worldwide. The simple act of logging onto the internet renders you instantly vulnerable to the prying eyes of internet criminals who can easily hack in to your passwords, accounts, browser activity, and emails. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to keep your data and internet use fully protected. With the use of a virtual private network (VPN) you can surf the net without feeling vulnerable to any outside eyes.

The only truly safe way to surf the net is to use software that masks your identity. When it comes to your virtual identity, what identifies you is your individual IP address. It is your IP that allows individuals to track your activity and access your personal information. A unique IP address is assigned to you each time you log on to the net, making you vulnerable to trackers and those looking to access your personal details. Fortunately for you, there is a way to mask your IP address using a VPN.

Proxy Servers: The Good And The Bad

One popular way to mask an individual IP address it to use a proxy server. When surfing the net through a proxy, your IP address is masked  with the IP information of the proxy itself. This works to protect you from prying eyes. Proxys don’t come without a major drawback, however. In using a proxy you will have to manually configure each program and application you use to make sure it connects to the internet under the proxy IP. This can be incredibly complicated, time consuming, and inconvenient for the user.

The Answer: VPNs

A vastly more convenient way to mask your identity is through use of a VPN. VPNs work to mask your entire internet connection. You’ll never have to individually configure apps and other services like you would with a proxy. VPNs are also more secure than proxys. A VPN will reroute your current IP address to an IP in a different location, changing locations and IPs each time you log on to the internet. Unlike a proxy which uses a static IP, with a VPN your IP changes constantly and makes you appear to be surfing the net from other locations. Any internet service provider or potential hacker will only see encrypted code when they attempt to track your activities, rendering you secure under the safety umbrella of a VPN.

Are VPNs Easy To Use?

The great thing about VPNs is that they require no technical knowledge or computer expertise to use. Once you’ve purchased and installed the VPN, you will be connected every time you log on to the internet. filehippo ultrasurf You don’t even need to select your new IP as this will be taken care of automatically for you upon logging in to the system. The software will handle the VPN connection and the assignment of your masked IP each and every time.

Most of the VPNs out there have many thousands of IPs through which they reroute your real IP, keeping you protected in a way that static proxy systems cannot. Using a VPN is really the only way to truly feel safe on the internet.

At this point you’re probably wondering if your iPhone, iPad, or Android will connect to a VPN. The answer is yes. Mobile devices will enjoy the same VPN protection as regular computers. Essentially, any device can be hooked up to the VPN and allow you to operate in complete safety.


VPN Drawbacks And Solutions

One of the main complaints from VPN users is that the speed and quality of the user’s internet connection is affected. This is due to your information being funneled to several different locations before arriving at your computer. The best VPN services will come equipped with performance boosters and speed gauges that will help you overcome this issue. The performance booster will work to keep the speed of your connection on track, while the speed gauge will help you test the speed of an individual server and choose which one will be the fastest for your computer.

Another potential drawback is that users forget to open up their VPN software before browsing the internet. A good VPN service will provide a unique IP Bind feature that will allow you to halt software and applications from connecting to the net without your VPN service turned on. This way you will never forget.

Some VPN services have bandwidth limits and service limitations, so it is important to research which VPN to go with. The best VPN providers will have no bandwidth or service limitations, allowing you to surf the net with absolutely no worry on a daily basis.

Customer Service

You should always go with a VPN with top rated customer service. This way if you have any problems, questions, or troubleshooting needs you will receive the answers you need in a short amount of time. Check the customer service ratings for the VPN you want to go with, and never sign on unless the ratings are high. This way if you have any trouble with installation, maintenance, or questions pertaining to the service you can speak to a real live person about them to get them solved. A great VPN service will always be on point with their customer service as a part of your fee.

When it comes to surfing the net with complete anonymity, the only way is the VPN way. Given the HideMyAss is the only VPN that offers every collection of features avialable in other VPNs, in one very affordable service, it’s one of the best deals online. If you want to see for yourself, you can try HideMyAss with a 30 day money back guarantee.